Tuesday, April 19, 2011

last day as Northwest Digital Archives database manager

Today, the Northwest Digital Archives infrastructure was transferred from Washington State University to its new home at the Orbis Cascade Alliance. I've learned a lot supporting the NWDA since 2003 - it shapes my work, from the management of digital resources to my recently-started hobby project, the Naval Reactors History Database.
Right now, I'm reading an article, in the current Library Resources & Technical Services, that helps to illustrate the important role that archivists can play in the current preservation demands that research libraries face - including the preservation of research materials in digital format. The article is authored by a team that includes archivists and a librarian, and the literature review cites work that I've become familiar with through the NWDA program (such as the Trusted Digital Repository Checklist, or TRAC).
It was a fun, but challenging experience; I'm sure the NWDA program will prosper in the years ahead.

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