Sunday, September 18, 2011

public AMI that enables rapid evaluation of XTF

At the upcoming LITA National Forum, I will be presenting on my work in blending the California Digital Library's XTF platform and EC2 cloud services. I'm using XTF and Amazon Web Services in support of the Naval Reactors History Database service, an online resource that I started building last year.

As part of my presentation, I've created a public Amazon Machine Image (AMI), ami-51f93b38 (or, just search the AMI catalog for 'xtf'). This is a US East region AMI. I created this image using the Amazon Linux 32-bit AMI as a base, then downloaded and configured the XTF 3.0 release, along with the XTF sample files that show XTF's use with a range of formats, including EAD, TEI, PDF, and HTML.

There is a README file in the ec2-user directory with more information on how to use the instance to test XTF. This info is also available at URL

In summary, this AMI will enable an institution or individual to quickly get XTF online and to review its features, starting from the release version of XTF and the samples that the CDL has made available.

Additional note: This is the first time that I've worked with the Amazon Linux AMI and I found it to be both easy to use and intuitive. I intend to use this OS option in the future.

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